Medical Transfers

Whatever the extent of medical support your patient requires, from walking cases to full ICU arrangements, our team is on hand to ensure a tailored flight solution to meet their needs.

It has the best level world scale medical team which provides the serious patients emergency services by Charted Air Crafts, Commercial Jet Airways and Train Ambulances. It has mainly bed to bed services by which the patients get the effective and quality based services by shifting time. It has the lowest cost air ambulance and the very reliable services to the patients. It provides its services down to dusk and vice-versa to the critical, bed-ridden and serious patients. Adonai Aviation Ambulance in Hyderabad has the best urgent services in all over India and all over abroad. It has no any extra charges and hidden costs are charged against the serious call booking.

 The features of Adonai Aviation Ambulance Services:-

  • Quick service within the same one city to another city even abroad

  • Fully equipped with medical team and ICU series of equipment

  • Very serious patients are transferred rapidly

  • Both Charted Air Craft and Commercial facilities for the patients’ requirement

  • Pocket range costing for the clients

  • The greatest provider of Adonai Aviation Ambulance Services in India even abroad

  • Booking timing 24 * 7 hours and provide immediate services

  • Well trained medical team in Charted Air Craft and Commercial Jet Airlines

  • No any extra or hidden charge during booking