Jet Card


Leave nothing to chance. Jet Card Membership is the obvious choice when your life demands making the most of every hour. And membership makes traveling discreet and effortless. From the world’s bustling hubs to small runways, we’ll get you there. Gain the flexibility and reliability of private jet ownership, without the hassle or capital investment. We’ll help you maintain control of your travel experience, with comfort, luxury, and convenience you can count on.

Dalai Lama

Open the door to more flexibility with Jet Card

  • Guaranteed private jet booking with as little as 24 hours notice

  • 24/7 Client Services Team

  • Book any aircraft type for any flight, for no additional fees

  • Receive VVIP Status on Adonai aviation at select Jet Card levels

  • Book both private and commercial flights with Adonai aviation with Jet Card funds

  • Receive 20% off select class fares on Adonai aviation.

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